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EcoCoast Consultancy
EcoCoast Consultancy
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Climate Change Adaptation It is difficult to mitigate Climate Change. Better to start with adaptation. Adaptation   means   to   adjust   your   management   in   such   a   way   that   you   will   be   less   affected   by   the   impact   of climate   change.   Now   is   climate   change   something   that   is   variable   from   place   to   place.   It   is   therefore necessary   to   identify   the   possible   impact   of   climate   change:   warmer   summers   or   just   colder   winters,   dryer but   more   heavy   rains   in   summer,   Based   on   this   knowledge   the   possibilities   of   climate   change   adaptation   can be dentified. The possibilities can be devided in policy measures and management. On   political   level   a   choice   can   be   made   to   adjust   the   agricultural   information   service   to   adjust   the   types   of crop or varieties, stimulate investments in alternative crops or added value chain. On   management   level   decisions   are   in   case   of   livestock   for   example   the   feed   stock,   date   of   selling,   choice   of new varieties, move from arable farming to husbandry. Also other sectors will be affected like water purification Nature   protection   has   to   adapt   their   management   to   support   the   bidiversity   by   their   adaptation   to   the   climate or to survive it for exapmple by enlarging ecotopes and connect them in a Ecological Network (ECONET).