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EcoCoast Consultancy
EcoCoast Consultancy
Sustainable agriculture Agriculture   is   using   the   local   natural   resources   to   transform   them   into   products.   Main   inputs   are   sun,   water, and   nutrients,   with   soil   and   air   as   medium. To   maintain   the   productivity   care   has   to   be   taken   for   the   quality   of the   soil,   water   and   air.   Especially   soil   needs   attention   where   water   capacity,   structure,   humus   content   and microbiological life  are playing essential roles. Therefore the carrying capacity of the soil and vegetation has to be estimated and proofed. In   a   lot   of   places   there   is   over   grazing   pressure   of   for   example   grassland   which   can   in   a   couple   of   year   be corrected   and   resulting   in   more   than   3   times   higher   productivity.   This   has   to   be   proofed   by   pilot   field.   The social stability and leadership are just as important as the technical aspects
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