For Integrated and Sustainable development.
EcoCoast Consultancy
EcoCoast Consultancy
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Green and Blue economy and Pro-Biodiversty Business Green economy isbased on sustainable use of natural resources, reducung the ecological footprint of business and local population. Re-use of resources, which may be water, energy etc. is the basis of a green economy. Conversion towards a green economy is not that easy as the overall income should not drop to much during the conversion. Alternative has to be tought of in advance to overcome the conversion period. This may be through added value of otherproducts or diversivication to other added value lines. Sustainable business development is a tool or biodiversity conservation and rural development. Important instruments are business sector development, community assessment, business plans, ecosystem analysis, identification of sustainable natural resources. The essence of biodiversity development is stimulating these business opportunity which in themselves are sustainable due to their dependence of natural resources. In later stage other less self regulating business sectors can be promoted, which need more community regulation. As any business is dependent on the chain of producer, whole sale, production and sale business chain analysis have to be carried out to estimate the volumes which can be produced and traded.