Consultancy Integration of economic development and sustainable use of natural resources are the key expertise of EcoCoast. This includes a wide range of sectors like agriculture, fishery, tourism, sme development, nature protection, environment and spatial planning. The consultancy of EcoCoast is focussing on the integration of expertise and building understanding between sectoral specialist and policymakers
Governance Improvement of structures is requiring changin governance of the resources. EcoCoast has long term experience in the governance of (natural) resources and institutional strenghtening. Institutiional reform is the basis for more sustainable use of natural resources.
Management Agriculture, Nature Protection and Estate management are key expertises under the organisation. The organisation takes part in farm management in Ukraine, especially livestock mangement in aride zones. It advises international organsations by the cost effective management of natural areas by balancing between nature management, nature with agricultural management and agriculture with high natural values.
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For Integrated and Sustainable development.
EcoCoast Consultancy
EcoCoast Consultancy