For Integrated and Sustainable                  development.
EcoCoast Consultancy
EcoCoast Consultancy
Sustainable tourism Sustainable   tourism   is   based   on   sustainable   use   of   resources   including   natural,   social   and   economic.   This can only be reached when the tourism development itself has a certain stability. Therefore   in   the   filosophy   of   EcoCoast   the   whole   regional   sector   has   to   be   analysed,   with   resources, potential   market,   services   and   facilities   to   be   offered   and   above   all   analysis   of   potetial   tourist   and   their requirements. Available   financing   available,   capacity   analysis,   etc.   Local   facilities   and   capacity   are   essential by   estimetion   of   the   path   for   development.   First   after   that   network   building   can   be   supported.   By   tourism market    development    first    look    should    be    on    the    local    market,    first    after    that    options    for    extension    to international tourism.
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